Public Agendas, Private Agendas in Republican Politics

Every person (yes, even corporations my friend), and every organization has two agendas, a Public Agenda, and a Private (or Secret) Agenda. Too often we get confused by listening to someone’s or some organization’s Public Agenda, thinking that it’s the true agenda, but we need to recognize that the Private Agenda is the true agenda. All deception, all lies, all trickery, all falsehoods are based upon this idea.

Let’s consider a simple example. My wife and I are getting ready to go out when there’s a knock at the door. I look out the window and I say to my wife,

“Oh crap. Cousin John’s here. I didn’t even know they were coming to town. Why didn’t they call before they came over? These people are so rude!” (Private Agenda.)

Then I open the door, and I say,

“Hey, John. Whatta surprise! Long time no see. It’s good to see ya. Come’on in for a few minutes.” (Public Agenda.)

John says, “Hey we were just out this way to go to a meeting, and we thought it would be a great chance to see our favorite cousins.” (Public Agenda.)

Can you see how different the Public Agenda and the Private Agenda can be? John may think I’m genuinely happy to see him at that moment, at least, if I put on a good enough show. The truth is something entirely different, however.

And don’t forget that John has a Public Agenda and a Private Agenda, too. John’s Private Agenda may be that he intends to ask me for a loan. (Probably a good guess if he’s rude enough to drop in on me unannounced.)

Seeing through the Public Agenda to the Private Agenda is essential if we are to be good stewards of our freedoms. Public figures who seek our vote have both a Public Agenda and a Private Agenda, and it’s essential to understand their Private Agenda before we give them our vote.

The Republican Agendas for Women

Kay Bailey Hutchinson, for example, says, “Unfriendly to women? Not my GOP!” She proclaims the War On Women to be baseless. She postulates that the women are only concerned about the economy, and that Republicans are the ones who will make it better.

That’s the Republican Party’s Public Agenda for women.

Behind the scenes is an attack on women’s health care and equal pay for women like we’ve not seen in decades. The Republican party is doing everything it can to pass laws that will force women into the status of a second class citizen of this nation. By turning women into second class citizens, denying them reproductive health care (which is the most costly part of women’s health care), they can drastically cut the cost of employing women in the labor force. The truth is, it’s all about money.

That’s the Republican party’s Private Agenda for women.

The Republican Agendas for Hispanics, Blacks, and Other Minorities

Public Agenda: Illegal immigrants are taking jobs away, and hurting the economy.
Private Agenda: Pander to the white supremacists.

The Republican Agendas for Poor People

Public Agenda: Move welfare recipients into jobs and off the welfare rolls.
Private Agenda: Cut Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credit, and ADF to give the wealthy (like themselves and their big money supporters) another tax cut. Let the poor fend for themselves.

The Republican Agendas for Union Members

Public Agenda: Pass “Right to Work” laws to give workers the freedom to join unions or not at their own discretion.
Private Agenda: Break the unions in order to cut the Democratic Party’s funding, and prevent the Democratic Party from being able to compete against the Republican Party’s big money machine.

The Republican Agendas for Students

Public Agenda: Give students more freedom of choice in financing their educations.
Private Agenda: Allow schools and lenders to raise the cost of education to the breaking point, i.e., to make it “what the market will bear.”

The Republican Agendas for Health Care

Public Agenda: Get rid of Obamacare because it’s a bloated and wasteful system that costs taxpayers billions of dollars.
Private Agenda: Get rid of Obamacare so that insurance companies can continue raising the cost of health care and lowing payments to health care providers in order to increase their already outrageous profits almost without limit. It doesn’t matter that one-fifth of the country may not be able to obtain health care at all.

The Republican Agendas for the Post Office

Public Agenda: Force the Post Office to pre-fund retiree benefits for 75 years in order to protect them.
Private Agenda: Bankrupt the Post Office so private interests can raid it just as Romney’s Bain Capital raided so many small companies, stripping out those same benefits, then closing it to replace it with far more expensive forms of private company delivery products, and leaving postal workers out of a job, and out of benefits.

The Republican Agendas for Children’s Meals

Public Agenda: Reduce wasteful federal spending, and teach young people the dignity of work.
Private Agenda: What, you say? Children could starve? Of course not. Bring back child labor, and let them work cleaning toilets for a small fraction of the pay of adult workers. The savings could fund more tax cuts for the wealthy.

The Republican Agendas for Social Security

Public Agenda: Protect the Social Security system by preventing it from going bankrupt.
Private Agenda: Take as much as that 2.6 trillion Social Security trust fund as possible, and turn it over to private investment companies. Guess where most of the money will end up? Remember the 2008 financial crash? That should give you an idea.

The Republican Agendas for Medicare

Public Agenda: Protect Medicare from Financial Ruin
Private Agenda: Provide a way for insurance companies to take the money they get now from the Medicare program, and also charge retirees and additional amount on top of that, producing unimaginable profits for the greedy insurance companies.

For the Republicans, it’s not about trickle down, it’s about flush up.

It all boils down to money. If you’re wealthy, the Republicans will make you wealthier, much wealthier. If you are poor, the Republicans will make you poorer, much poorer.