Public Agendas, Private Agendas in Republican Politics

Every person (yes, even corporations my friend), and every organization has two agendas, a Public Agenda, and a Private (or Secret) Agenda. Too often we get confused by listening to someone’s or some organization’s Public Agenda, thinking that it’s the true agenda, but we need to recognize that the Private Agenda is the true agenda. All deception, all lies, all trickery, all falsehoods are based upon this idea. Continue reading “Public Agendas, Private Agendas in Republican Politics”

Republican War On Women

The Republican War on Women is largely justified on the moral and religious prohibition against abortion. Abortion per se has generally been considered a morally and socially undesirable act because it consists of terminating an unborn human life; in this respect, Republicans and Democrats are generally in agreement.

The two parties disagree, however, about when and for what reason abortion may be a justifiable act. Continue reading “Republican War On Women”